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Our communication agency

At GlobalVision, we are an agency specialized in the field of image production. We create advanced 360° VR immersive images, perform UAV mapping missions and deliver outstanding corporate video productions. With 15 years of experience in the field of image making,  GlobalVision is the ideal visual partner for your professional projects.

We apply our technological expertise to enable commercial and state-run projects to enhance their public presence. We have delivered successful projects in the industries of real estate, tourism, advertising , as well as the engineering and construction field.

International presence

Our portfolio of professional aerial images encompass 30 different cities, located in 13 countries, within continental Europe and Asia.

In order to grow our production and representation capabilities, we are now operating worldwide. Our client base in Europe, The Middle East and North America are handled by our headquarters based in Geneva, Switzerland. Customers in Asia are handled by our offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Our offices operate in close relationship and share the same technologies and processes. You may contact the offices that best suits your project. We are also qualified to operate transcontinental projects with minimum travel costs.

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